A classic street game reimagined for indoor and outdoor use.
New designs. New layouts. New concepts.




Sketched on the street in chalk, a Skelzies board allows a game for two to six players.

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TO BEGIN: You will need a piece of chalk and a bottle cap.

DESIGN: A 6’ – 7′ squared layout is created with numeric numbers from #1 – #13.
A start line will be set about 4feet from #1.

CAP: Taking wax, a melted crayon or any thick moldable substance,
fill the bottle cap with it. This will give it some weight.

CLASSIC SKELZIES: Place mats on surface in Classic Skelzies mode (see above pic) or in any arrangement desired. Hazardous areas should be placed around or near mat “13” as that is the Skelzies home base. On hands and knees at the starting line, the first player flicks a cap with his finger across the floor and attempts to land it onto mat “1”. If successful (a cap on a mats line does not count), the player continues by flicking for the next number – and so on, in the sequence: “2”, “3”, “4” etc., up to “13”, which is the Skelzies home base and awards that player as the King, Czar, or winner. If any flick is unsuccessful, the player’s turn is forfeit and the next player tries. When all players have had their turn, the first player resumes by flicking for the numbered square area previously missed.

Flicking a cap completely inside a mat, not on the line, awards the player that numerical mat and another turn as they shoot for the next sequential mat. In addition, after reaching level 3, a player can strike another player’s cap and is immediately rewarded with the next mat he is going for, allowing him to pick up his cap, walk over to that number, and immediately take an additional turn from there.

If, in flicking for any square, a player accidentally lands on the hazardous mat in anyway, or a mat in any way that is NOT part of their next sequence, then player remains stuck there losing two complete turns no matter what.

GAME VARIATION 2 (Skelzies 180)

In another variation of the game, players must complete the circuit of numbers from “1” to “13”, then backwards back to “1”, awarding that player as the King, Czar, or winner.

Unique Art

Where did you play?

Simpler Times

I remember back in North Philly on the 4300 block Hicks Street. We used the plastic gallon milk caps and filled them with tar from the street, gave it the perfect tossing weight. Played long after the street lights came on. We called it Tops, and it was simpler times...

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I grew up in the Bronx on E 214st and remember in 80’ and 81’ playing skelzie all summer long. Great times!!!!

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“Bottle Caps”

We played this many times, drawing the boards on the streets in downtown Bayonne. Part of the game for us was if you lost, you lost your playing piece (bottle cap), and we took a lot of pride in making the bottle caps unique and cool. Sometimes a penny was placed in...

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Played in Brooklyn on Douglass st between Hoyt and Bond st

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I remember playing in the street in harlem. You always tried to become killa-dilla.

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I played every day growing up in Stevenson commons in the Bronx New York white plains area south Bronx and is now teaching people down south in Florida love this game I’m king in it as well will post pics soon.

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Killer Diller

Brooklyn born and raised on the playground where I spent most of my days, LOL. Yeah when it came to skelzies i had the skilzies yo, this is one game that really takes me back to when life was mellow, care free  and golden. We had a court across the street, a concrete...

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Farragut Houses Skelly

Farragut Houses had the best games. We played with teams, sometimes 2 on 2 or 3,4,5 players to a team. Games would last for hours. Games got so intense yes there would be arguments and fights but after all pushing and shoving the Skilly had to be played. Moms use to...

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Scully Girl

I sit here and I'm smiling, big cheese. I remember those days on my knees. this is not meant to be a poem but I love Scully.  I had a bag of tops. my mother would be so upset with me because all i did was hurried up to get their stuff out the jar so I can have that...

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BRONX – Franz Sigel Park

Grew up on 157th St Walton Ave back in 83'. Remembered many a nights, as the Yankees played ball, the sound of the roaring crowd would add to our Skelzies game as we played under the lights in front of Franz Sigel Park!

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Check Out This Sweet Skelzies

I used to play this with my grandmother. She was dope, slinging skelzie left and right, all day all night. She stole a lot of money from the hood rats. LMAO!

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