A classic street game reimagined for indoor and outdoor use.
New designs. New layouts. New concepts.




Sketched on the street in chalk, a Skelzies board allows a game for two to six players.

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TO BEGIN: You will need a piece of chalk and a bottle cap.

DESIGN: A 6’ – 7′ squared layout is created with numeric numbers from #1 – #13.
A start line will be set about 4feet from #1.

CAP: Taking wax, a melted crayon or any thick moldable substance,
fill the bottle cap with it. This will give it some weight.

CLASSIC SKELZIES: Place mats on surface in Classic Skelzies mode (see above pic) or in any arrangement desired. Hazardous areas should be placed around or near mat “13” as that is the Skelzies home base. On hands and knees at the starting line, the first player flicks a cap with his finger across the floor and attempts to land it onto mat “1”. If successful (a cap on a mats line does not count), the player continues by flicking for the next number – and so on, in the sequence: “2”, “3”, “4” etc., up to “13”, which is the Skelzies home base and awards that player as the King, Czar, or winner. If any flick is unsuccessful, the player’s turn is forfeit and the next player tries. When all players have had their turn, the first player resumes by flicking for the numbered square area previously missed.

Flicking a cap completely inside a mat, not on the line, awards the player that numerical mat and another turn as they shoot for the next sequential mat. In addition, after reaching level 3, a player can strike another player’s cap and is immediately rewarded with the next mat he is going for, allowing him to pick up his cap, walk over to that number, and immediately take an additional turn from there.

If, in flicking for any square, a player accidentally lands on the hazardous mat in anyway, or a mat in any way that is NOT part of their next sequence, then player remains stuck there losing two complete turns no matter what.

GAME VARIATION 2 (Skelzies 180)

In another variation of the game, players must complete the circuit of numbers from “1” to “13”, then backwards back to “1”, awarding that player as the King, Czar, or winner.

Unique Art

Where did you play?


Played in Brooklyn, NY. I moved out to Bay Shore, Long Island, NY and my brother and I got the neighborhood kids playing it.

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Played in Ravenswood projects in Long Island City, Queens, NY in the late 50's & early 60's.  Girls & boys played...

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Mr Saul

Played in the South Bronx...Ave st john and Kelly next to JHS 52.....spent hours hitting that bottle cap.....Johny on the...

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Woodhaven,Queens 78 street and Jamaica avenue. My house had a fire hydrant in front, plenty of room to play.

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Skelly Forever

Played "Skelly" from 1951 to 1954 in the Amsterdam Houses on Amsterdam Avenue around 62nd street.  I started at 4 years old...

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I play this game in the 70s with my friends on the street in NYC. I lived on 148th St. between Broadway and Amsterdam. We...

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NY Dude

I played Skelzies, also known as, Skellys, in the mid 70's while I was living in the Bronx and Manhattan. We played on...

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123 95

My block was all girls about 15 of us in Richmond Hill NY. We craved out the board in the blacktop with a flat head...

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Da Bronx mid 1970's to early 1980's. Playing skelzies all day long. The kids used Push-up tops with clay. Teens used milk...

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I remember playing “skullzie” on 69th street between 16th and New Utrecht Avenues in the late ‘70s Brooklyn. Endless hours...

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I remember playing ‘skullzie’ on 69th street between New Utrecht and 16th Avenues in the late ‘70s Brooklyn. Endless hours...

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