How To Play


TO BEGIN: You will need a piece of chalk and a bottle cap.


DESIGN: A 6’ – 7′ squared layout is created with numeric numbers from #1 – #13. A start line will be set about 4feet from #1. cropped-skelzies-layout-nice-copy-copy-2.jpg

CAP – Taking wax, a melted crayon or any thick moldable substance, fill the bottle cap with it. This will give it some weight. 1 original caps copyCLASSIC SKELZIES: On hands and knees at the starting line, the first player flicks a cap poised between thumb and middle finger, across the floor and attempts to land into #1. If successful (a cap on a line does not count), the player continues by flicking for the next number – and so on, in the sequence: “2”, “3”, “4” etc., up to “13”, which is the Skelzies home base and awards that player as the Czar, Killa Dilla, basically the winner. If any flick is unsuccessful, the player’s turn is forfeit and the next player tries. When all players have had their turn, the first player resumes by flicking for the square previously missed.



Flicking a cap completely inside their next number, not on the line, awards the player that number and another turn as they shoot for the next sequential area. After reaching #3, a player is allowed to strike another player’s cap. If done successfully he is immediately rewarded with the next mat he is going for, allowing him to pick up his cap, walk over to that number, and immediately take an additional turn from there. 

If, in flicking for your next area you accidentally land in any area other than your next sequenced number, then you stay stuck there losing one complete turn. 

GAME VARIATION 2 (Skelzies 360): In another variation of the game, players must complete the circuit of numbers from “1” to “13”, then backwards back to “1”, awarding that player as the winner.

GAME VARIATION 3 (Skelly): In another variation of the game, players must complete the circuit of numbers from “1” to “12″, then shoot into EACH HAZARDOUS zone (the blank box around the #13), thereafter he can shoot into the actual #13 and become the Czar or Killa Dilla.(This was historical form of play). Now as a Kill Dilla he can roam the board and attack any players. If he strikes you, your game is over.

If another player reaches up to “13”, then he too becomes a Czar/Killa Dilla. Each Czar can attempt to strike and capture the other or continue to capture any other players until none are left, at which time they must dual it out by respectfully attempting to strike each other. Any Czar who appears to avoid the competing Czar at this point, forfeits the game.